Thermal Protection

TBA Protective Technologies has over 140 years of experience specifically in the production and development of materials that provide thermal protection. Our Thermal Protection Division develops, manufactures and patents a wide range of protective products, with various treatments and finishes available to provide tailored solutions for the end-user.

TBA Protective Technologies is the original manufacturer of WELDSTOP™ and WELDSTOP™ PLUS.

This is tried, tested and trusted weld-screen, which provides:

Heat Resistance: Withstands penetration from an oxygen enriched flame at temperatures in excess of 1500 degrees Centigrade.

Molten Metal Resistance: Successfully contains metal droplets up to 70g and will cool on the fabric surface without penetration.

Abrasion Resistance: Ten times the abrasion resistance of similar weight and density silica fabrics.

Flexibility: Soft, flexible and easy to handle.

WELDSTOP™ and WELDSTOP™ PLUS are manufactured in a variety of thicknesses, and can be supplied in rolls, or cut/fabricated to your required size.

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