High Performance Textiles

TBA Protective Technologies manufactures and supplies fabrics which are designed for use in a variety of very specialist and demanding applications. Our High Performance Textiles Division uses numerous types of advanced, organic fibres to manufacture yarns, woven and non-woven fabrics.

The materials are non-combustible, have very low smoke and toxic fume emission and can also provide anti-vandal properties, making them ideal for use in public transport seating. We also manufacture aluminised products with a variety of substrate materials, which are suitable for the protective clothing industry.


Globally used and specified, TBA Protective Technologies produces a range of ‘Fire Block’ solutions fulfilling the ever changing and demanding train, bus, aeroplane and public building seating industries.

TBA is the trusted manufacturer supporting seat refurbishing and manufacturing businesses with impeccable fire protection results.

Examples of products available for this market include:

INU – An engineered blend of high performance, inherently flame resistant fibres in needle felt form

INT – Needle felt with flame retardant Calico for increased wear-resistance

INF – Needle felt, quilted with knitted wire mesh to aid vandal resistance

INFT – Needle felt complete with flame retardant Calico and wire mesh

For more information call us 01706 647422, or email us at info@tba-pt.com and we will gladly assist.


TBA manufactures a vast range of organic materials in woven and non-woven form supplying the protective clothing fabrication industry

Fabric is specifically produced to protect the end user from radiant heat, contact heat, molten metal splash and mechanical risk.

The product lines manufactured to serve this industry include aluminised fabrics, which are widely used to fabricate gloves, mitts, jackets, aprons, trousers….the list is endless.

Examples of aluminised fabrics available for this market include:

AKA – Aluminised meta-aramid/para-aramid woven fabric

AOKA – Aluminised para-aramid/pre-oxidised acrylic woven fabric

INYA – Aluminised, scrim supported, blended flame retardant fibre needle felt

KCA – Aluminised meta-aramid/para-aramid woven fabric

OKA – Aluminised pre-oxidised acrylic woven fabric

OKCA – Aluminised pre-oxidised acrylic/para-aramid woven fabric

RKA – Aluminised flame retardant viscose woven fabric

For more information call us 01706 647422, or email us at info@tba-pt.com and we will gladly assist.