TBA Firefly™ Division

Passive Fire Protection, Flexible Fire Barrier

TBA Firefly™

Due to the health hazards posed by the use of Asbestos in preventing the spread of flame and smoke, Firefly™ was developed as a safer alternative. For that reason alone TBA have an extensive range of flexible passive fire barriers which are expertly manufactured from woven and non-woven glass. These barriers are used primarily in the construction industry to prevent the passage of fire, smoke and heat through roof voids, as a result compartmentalising the issue, giving the building occupants precious extra time to evacuate and for the fire service to enter safely. Above all they are lightweight, thin, flexible and non-respirable. Firefly is easy to install either horizontally or vertically, helping to contain the fire within the compartment for a specified period of time.

Designed specifically to fulfil the passive fire protection industry needs, TBA Firefly™ Fire Barrier offers lightweight and simple to install options.

TBA Firefly™ is designed to optimise its resistance to flame, smoke and heat protection in a wide range of scenarios.

The Firefly™ product range includes:

  • Phoenix
  • Vulcan
  • Plus 30
  • Plus 60
  • Titan

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