TBA Australia

TBA Textiles Pty Limited (TBA Pty) is based in Sydney, NSW, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of TBA Protective Technologies based in the UK. Supplying into the Australasian markets, TBA Pty offers a range of TBA products, including a full suite of FIREFLY™ systems which have been re-tested to Australian Standards, and for compliance within the Bush Fire Zones (BAL-FZ).

Fire retardant and slash proof horse blankets, headgear and fetlock protection have also been developed for use within the Bush Fire Zones, together with radiant heat shields which have been developed from TBA-PT materials for use in fire fighting vehicles.

For more information contact TBA Pty:

General Australia Website: www.tba-pt.com.au, e-mail: sales@tba-pt.com.au

Firefly Australia Website: www.tbafirefly.com.au, e-mail: enquiries@tbafirefly.com.au